belly wine bar + charcuterie
from the crew that brought you the blue room and central bottle
open sunday–wednesday 511pm, thursday–saturday 512pm
one kendall square, cambridge, ma 02139  (down the steps to the blue room and turn left)

belly is walk-in only except for the arm + a leg and fondue dinners—reserve today
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Hello ALL - 
We are rolling out a new cocktail list embracing the fact that we are a WINE bar who loves cocktails… so why not make our cocktails with fortified wine? This is an ode to wine through the deliciousness that is sherry… and we have something here for everyone..
Enjoy -  Fanny Katz

"Wine Personified"

some of the thinking behind Wine Director / owner Liz Vilardi’s unorthodox approach to wine-by-the-glass.

Challenge yourself - Challenge your friends.. Match wits with our resident wine folk.. give yourself a reason to drink good wine.
seriously. seriously seriously.
feeling springy?
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The 1st Annual25 Lifestyle Visionary Awards
— COUP Boston 

the Arm + A Leg Dinner

What is Arm + A Leg?

An awesome, 4-course family style dinner at Belly.  The dinner is based on our love of whole animal cookery, seasonality, conviviality and great wine. 

What is the menu?

A SARDINIAN LAMB FEAST!   Accompaniments might change a little based on availability but it’s gonna look something like this:


Round 1:

Roasted Lamb Necks - with salsa verde + fregola sarda

Round 2:

Sticky Glazed Lamb Shortribs

Round 3:

Wood-Roasted Thyme and Cirus Scented Leg-of-Lamb - wood-fired polenta, grilled vegetables

Round 4:

Pecorino Calcagno - nuts + honey


How many people is it for?

At least 4 and up to 12 in the dining room.

How much is it?

$62 a person (excluding beverages, tax and gratuity)

$42 a person to pair some wine

What should I drink?

Pick from over 120 old world wines including a bunch of magnums and jerobaums or let us do it for you.

How do I Reserve?

We book only two of these bad boys per night and need 48 hours notice to make it happen.  Click HERE to RESERVE and fill out some info.


* BELLY is walk-in only except for the Arm + A Leg dinner.

sh-e-rry.. sherry baby!
GREAT time last night hosting Eric Asimov for his book-signing after party.