belly wine bar + charcuterie
from the crew that brought you the blue room and central bottle
open sunday–wednesday 511pm, thursday–saturday 512am
one kendall square, cambridge, ma 02139  (down the steps to the blue room and turn left)

belly is walk-in only except for the arm + a leg dinner—reserve today
press inquiries?

Once a year we REALLY dig into this TXAKOLI thing in a big way! drink many TXAKOLI + eat pig / sardines / squid / charred spring onions outside around the fire pit on our joint Blue Room + BELLY patios. 
$45 includes ALL the food + Txakoli.  
SO first and foremost..  GET a TICKET, they will go quickly..
ZAGAT: Boston’s Under-the-Radar Bartenders
Thanks Ken, Thanks Jamie .. Hope to see you again soon..

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WBTG :: It’s about BODY.
inspired by some crazy Italian over-served winemakers who stormed our kitchen demanding AGLIO e OLIO!  we bring you .. family style spaghetti .. after 10pm every night .. $8 pp
HOBO PACK Cookery . . inspired by HOBO Wine Co. 
just cause we thought it was cool .. and wine related..